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New Job stress, anxiety and health

I am leaving the comfort of my job to start a new but the stress of leaving the familiar is causing me to have frequent panic attacks even in my sleep, they wake me up. I've suffered from anxiety since I was 15, it died down a bit as I got older but recently this year due to bad health (possible endometriosis and food sensitivities) I am in a constant state on anxiety.

My heart races, I feel sick, my eyes go hazy, I get extremely bad gas and need the loo frequently. Is there anything I can take for the gas over the counter in UK? It's unbearable most days. How can I cope without with this without it effecting my new job or making the anxiety worse?

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Sorry you have had no replies

Have you started the new job yet ?

I think most of us with anxiety really get anxious with the thoughts of change I no I do !

We also tend to suffer with the stomach complaints and symptoms you have mentioned and again I no I do and the more I worry the worse the symptoms get , I have such a fear of needing the toilet while I am out

To help calm your stomach of the gas in-particular the runs if you get them I find Imodium very good but I think you have to be careful not to abuse or start relying on it but when mine gets in a mess a dose of that usually sorts it out or if you are finding this a problem have you asked your Doctor if there is anything they can prescribe ?

I think you should give yourself a big pat on the back for taking on this new adventure , yes it is a big thing and for a while you will feel anxious and you may have to put up with those feelings but as you do keep focused that as you settle they will calm down and also the outcome of taking this new job could be the best thing you have ever done and it will help to gain your confidence but we sometimes have to work through the fear before that happens

I wish you luck in your new job and hope I see you post eventually about how well you are doing :-)

Take Care x


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