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Anxiety issues - thinking im gona die from heart attack

Hi lately ive been having crazy anxiety and have been having pains in the left side of my chest and my arms and havin shortness of breath. When i wake up in the morning the first thing on my mind is this and it makes my anxiety crAzy. I always think i am going to die any secont and am always depressed and never happy anymore, the only thing that makes the anxiety and pain go away is when i go skateboarding or go do something, please tell me what i can do to change this ): ps im 16

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Are there any changes happening in your life or something that has happened that is playing on your mind worrying you causing you to fear and focus on what your body is doing ?

Have you been checked out by your Doctor , at 16 you could go and make an appointment on your own if you wanted and let them check you over as well as telling them how you are feeling this would help give you peace of mind :-)

Also have you spoken to your parents they could be a massive support helping you get through this :-)

It is good you have a hobby which distracts you and I would say if you can do Skateboarding and feel fine then health wise you sound very healthy :-)

Take Care x


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