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Heart health anxiety

Hi there. So, it's 4am which is usually prime time for my anxiety. I feel chest pains, arm pains, trouble breathing, chest tightness. It comes in waves and usually doesn't last very long but the anxiety lasts for a few hours. I've been to my own doctor and the ER. They've done EKG's, chest X-rays and blood work. Everything came back fine. Why don't I believe them? I have such a hard time believing that chest pains would be caused by anything other than heart disease. I self medicate with alcohol, which I know isn't helping my anxiety at all. It helps in the moment (which should be my first sign that it's just anxiety and not heart disease) but I know the long term isn't good. I feel like all the symptoms usually come with stomach discomfort. Which makes me wonder if it's a gastrointestinal issue. But, of course my mind is convinced otherwise. I've had health anxiety for years. My Dad died suddenly of a heart attack/stroke 14 years ago and I've been convinced ever since the same will happen to me. My aunt (his sister) died a few years after him of a major heart attack. I never met my grandfather, who also suffered from heart disease. On paper...I'm healthy. So, why don't I believe it?

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