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Back again

Hey all. I havent been on in awhile. Sorry if I havent asnwered back any posts. I had a car accident the other day. I rear ended someone who suddenly stopped in front of me and I didnt not have time to stop. I ended up in the hospital with neck and back pain. The doc told me my spine shifted , and that it is inflamed. Needless to say I was prescribed meds and im freaking out. I dont know if my symptoms are psychosomatic but I feel drowzy and very down. I am going to call the doc tomorrow just to explain my symptoms but I just hate taking so many meds at once. Its making me think that it is going to kill me. Ughhhh in just feeling so down. Dunno what to do. No car , cant work , scared im going to get fired... im just super stressed .

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Sorry to hear you're so stressed, but taking some action to solve these problems should make you feel better in yourself.

Certainly you should see your doctor ASAP. The meds certainly won't kill you. Thats a crazy thought, do you really think your doctor is risking a murder rap ? Why would he/she want to ?

Your insurance should cover the cost car replacement/repair so get moving on it. If you had no insurance I have less sympathy , the rest of us pay higher premiums because of those who don't pay insurance.

Presumably having a car again and after seeing the doctor you will be able to work again . Obviously you should phone your work to explain the circumstances.

None of this is rocket science, its all common sense so I don't know where not knowing what to do comes from , unless you are clinically depressed which can have a paralysing effect on acting and thinking. In which case you should mention this to your GP.

Sorry to be a bit blunt , but assuming you are an adult no one else can do these obvious things for you, and if not done then you are more likely to lose your job which will increase your stress levels. If you need your car to work and there are financial problems in replacing/repairing it then you must find somewhere to borrow the money to replace the car.

Every one has spells like this when a lot goes wrong at once , but no one can afford to just ignore the problems or the stress levels only increase.



Hi just read your post I understand I have a hard time sleeping I have the same symptoms it's no fun my heart pounds can I have a hard time swallowing and when I lay down it is worst I hope u get better if u need someone I am hear I don't think a lot of people understand anxiety problems

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