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I wanted to know everyone's "issues" with sleep, their sleeping patterns & how anxiety affects it, & if you have any advice for those who find it a challenge to sleep at night. I know of many sleepless nights in the past. Currently , I am up..but that's only because someone woke me up in my house. Now , I find it difficult to sleep smh. I hate being woke up the middle of the night unless it's very important & in this current situation, it wasn't lol I'm a tad bit upset. Anyways. I know my counselor suggested , an hour before going to bed, cut off all electronics ..& relax, write ..or read. She suggested dimming the lights. oh & if you were to wake up in the middle of the night , do the same thing..don't turn the TV on lol. Oh & she said try tea ..maybe , any herbal tea that assists in relaxing you. I currently am getting anxious ..overthinking ..& I hate that I do that, while trying to sleep. My temples feel anxious ..ugh . I'm listening to smooth jazz, seems to be relaxing me. I should meditate too lol. But anyways.. I want this post/thread..whatever be one where we can discuss this & give advice to each other. So , if you have any advice for me or others , share :) ..if not, vent about your issues . K :))

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The best advice I got was to go to bed at 2am and get up at 6am for several days !. Do not sleep during the day at all Then go to bed 30 mins earlier but still get up at 6am Its very hard but gradually extend the length of time that you sleep and you will find your ideal time to go to bed and get up I have realised that I don't need as much sleep as I thought

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Oh I see. I should do that, or try something similar to it.

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