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I have had a fair run lately of not having anxiety but rather sleeping when a feeling comes over me.

The worst times are my monthly, I get dizzy spells.

This week though has been particularly bad. I have had dizzy spells, pins and needles, shortness of breath, headaches and worst of all, a numb feeling over my body and a sense of been in a dream. Like I am having an out of body experience.

Another strange thing is that my nerves feal shot,everything makes me jump.

Can anyone relate to this? Please help.

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Seems your overly anxious all symptoms relate, we can have spates of no anxiety and then boom here it comes again, do you have things on your mind if so try work through them. It helps me, if you've had them before just remind yourself of how you coped then and try to relax, you will feel normal again. Good luck xx mandy

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I have the same symptons, feeling hopeless as I keep thinking something is wrong with me.

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Hi I totally relate to this , feeling desperate this evening, my whole body feels jumpy edgy twitchy jerky all my muscles are aching , hands keep going stiff and I'm frightened what's wrong just want to cry! Can't sleep either so totally worn out( my monthly too) so anxiety through the roof!! If this is what it is. Hope that your feeling brighter tho thanks for reading.

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