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Severe Headaches and Numbness in the Head


I am new to this forum; I stumbled across it while researching online about the problem I am facing.

I generally have frequent severe headaches. Unlike Migraine, the ache isn't persistent on one side, rather it feels like someone is trying to get out from within my head by hammering the insides, from all the sides.

Also, every morning after I wake up, I feel numb in the head, and the feeling stays for almost 3-4 hours. To be more accurate, it feels like a stream of energy is gradually gushing out of my head through the back of my head, eyes, ears and forehead.

I never took it seriously until now, and hence haven't visited a doctor yet. I first want to make sure if this is as serious as I think. Your help, advice, suggestions and recommendations will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Warm Regards,


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Self diagnosing is vey dangerous. Migraines can be both sides, one side or all around your head.

Waiting till it is "as serious as you think" is absolutely bonkers.

You need to see a doctor. Why? Because they know what to do.

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Thanks! :)


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