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I have developed an eye twitch which is happening alot through the day even when i am at work and at home i cant ever relax, im so tense most of time on edge feeling like something bad is about to happen. Suppose it could be my own fault as all i do is work and home and dont socialise with any friends when i think about my future i do feel hopeless, i hate why i feel so bad all the time and cant make the most out of life, im only 27 and i have achieved nothing. all this also takes tole on my partner becuase he doest understand anxiety. Should i go see my gp and maybe start medication? Ive been down that road before when i was younger but ive never had a nervous twitch. Any advice ?

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I do think counseling could work. I have one & she's great.

I'm usually one for handling anxiety, without meds. But , I had an eye twitch before & it was maybe because I wasn't getting all the sleep I should've been getting, & also I was stressed out. Your diet could play a role in it, too. I wouldn't suggested googling "eye twitch" but maybe Google "foods that help relieve stress & anxiety" & bring some of those foods into the diet. I know you'll feel better😊 though.

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Yay my eye twitch is disappearing... finally x


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