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Hi all,

I've just come out of an extreme bout of anxiety which lasted about 10 days it was so bad. I am feeling better mentally but I am now left with fatigue shakiness and jelly legs, do you think these are after effects from my 10 days of extreme anxiety??

Does anyone experience anything similar? I always worry when physical symptoms continue even when I feel better mentally..

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Hi, yes that is normal in some cases. Anxiety can do a lot of things and cause a lot of nasty physical symptoms. I used to get terrible fatigue when I had anxiety, I drove myself to a nearby hospital convinced I had Leukemia; I didn't thank god. Point being, anxiety can cause all these feelings and more, thats why its always best to seek treatment. Don't think itll resolve itself, it won't. Seek someone to talk to, there isnt anything wrong with seeing a psychiatrist, it made my life a whole lot better. Trust me, there is no sense is tricking yourself into thinking there is something wrong. Be well! - Andrew


I feel like this it horrible


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