I wish I can sleep

I wish I can sleep

Hi I have been diagnosed with anxiety for a year already I was on meds for a very long time but I just didn't like that I felt like I was getting hooked on them so I just stopped taking them...now I do still get anxiety like everyday and still don't take the meds I having been trying so hard to not take them...but now the big problem is that I can't get no sleep my anxiety just won't let me sleep I have constant chest pain middle and left side on chest I jump up gasping for air like if I was choking it's so scary I don't know why it happens I feel like what if one day I won't wake up or like what if I die I would sit in the bathroom floor crying my eyes out for hours scared and tired I wish there was an easy cure for all this 😔 I can't take it anymore it's ruining my life God help me .


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  • Hi I struggle like you. From a lot of different past situations. It's so horrible. You can always message me if you need a girl to talk too x I'm 23

  • Thanks appreciate it I'm also 23

  • Hi love I've been on meds for over 35 years for anxiety and panick attacks, you should never stop your meds and cold turkey. Your doctor should have weaned you off them. All anxiety sufferers are afraid of death. I have the jumping up at night and gasping for air its a very scary feeling but it passes after a few minutes had hundreds of them and the chest pains. Id advise you to go back to you doctor ask him to prescribe a smaller dose. If meds make you feel better why worry about addiction their there for a reason, I wish you well xxxmandy

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