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Please help

I was diagnosed with manic depression and OCD and panic attacks a good few yrs ago now I was on 200mg of sertreline for yrs which kept everything at a level I could control my doctor decided that I didn't need it anymore and changed my medication to 30mg seroxat a few months ago IM now climbing the walls my OCD has got worse I have forgotten what it's like to have a good nights sleep cos when I do fall asleep I get nightmares where I end up having panic attacks I've just had enough now dont know what to do anymore

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Try making a diary of what you are feeling. Bring it with you to the doctor. Talk you your doctor and let her/him know that your OCD is coming back. I'm sorry my advice isn't as helpful, but its all I can think of at the moment.


If you have manic depression you need a psychiatrist to prescribe you medicine which is usually lithium, doctors are not professionals in treating this. You need to be referred quickly, insist please as seri at is not the proper medication for manic depression, I know as I suffer too but have it under control now for over 15 years, I had my own business etc, but am now retired.

If you are not sleeping this could cause another episode of you being ill so you need the correct medication, I know doctors do not prescribe lithium as their knowledge of manic depression is limited. Please go back and ask for the referral say it's urgent. Once you get the correct medicine you will be normal again.

I wish you well, you will be feeling normal again soon once you are on the correct medication. Let me know how you get on 😊😊 x


Hia, go back to your Doctor and get back on the meds that worked for you in the past. Ring for an appointment asap. Regards Caron x


I have been back he just keeps saying just give them time to work it's been 3mths now I've got an appointment with my mental health councillor at the end of the month I am going to have to speak to her cos my gp dont listen he tries telling me IM agrophobic but IM not I dont mind leaving my house it's people that I got a problem with they annoy me


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