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How do you know when a cold is getting better?

So I've had a cold for like, four days. It came from my brother and stress. First day was the hardest-I think I had four panic attacks. We are talking literal knees knocking!

I've had colds before. They aren't new. I get them maybe, once or twice every couple of years. But my memory seems dashed now. I never used to worry about colds. Used to like them sometimes, because they were a ticket to rest and watch tv! Now, nope.

Is it normal for colds to make you feel hot? Not, like, sweaty, just like you want to take a cold shower?

My sleeping is fine, luckily. Out of all the colds I've had, I've never slept so good with a cold (irony).

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I get colds and when I do I hate them. My anxiety goes through the roof !!! I can't breathe and I get scared my heart races and I just feel all hot and clammy. Its so stupid what helped me was those black cough sweets they literally clear your airway soooo much and you can breathe x


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