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Advice Needed

I have lived with this problem for about 9 years, I am 20 now. I have been trying to work out what this thing is that causes me to feel the way I do. I would like some advice on it, please.


Feeling as though I am moving, I can mentally control which way the movement goes, however, I cannot stop it, also, feeling sudden jolts like I've been moved to the right or left suddenly and my eyes follow it and get stuck towards whatever direction I feel the jolt moving to

Nystagmus, when I look at a point my eyes jerk

Intrusive thoughts, OCD type thoughts, social anxiety, health anxiety and depressive worrying thoughts

Restless legs

Irritable Bowels

Difficulty in concentrating, disorganized mind and difficultly in thinking

Jumpy and panicky

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Hi have you talked to a doctor?


Please DO see a dr if you haven't done so... Didn't your parents ever take you to see the dr when you were in jr high or hs??? If you have, were you prescribed any meds? I am sorry you are going through all of this.


Hello, I went to see the doctor when I was 18, he said that it was anxiety and sent me to see a psychiatrist who diagnosed me with psychosis, however upon a second opinion by another psychiatric test, I was found to not have psychosis. They can't tell me what is wrong. I am so scared.


I so wish could teleport you ( Trekkie! :) ) to where I live, and we could sit down in Starbucks, have a cup of coffee (or whatever you like) and we could just TALK... I feel very badly for you....but this is my honest feelings...and I am NOT just 'saying these things' to make you feel better (altho, hey, its great if it does! :) ) ... I think you should see a Dr and ask him or her if there is a therapist you could visit with... You need someone to talk to.

I have a feeling there is NOT as much 'wrong' with you as you THINK there is... I mean that, Our minds continuously 'hypnotize' us, via our thoughts, to believe this or that and we keep repeating those thoughts and it becomes a vicious circle... It also becomes our 'truth' and the way we feel and react...

Somehow, in some way, you need to DISTRACT YOURSELF from those continuously repetitive thoughts... Please, do try to seek counseling...

There is a book that might benefit you (and that you might find comforting) called "The Places That Scare You" and its written by a Buddhist nun whose name is Pema Chodron... No, it is NOT about 'religion' but reaches deep inside you with love, non-judgement and understanding... You can buy it via Amazon.

Take care now. Sending you a big hug,


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Hi, it's me again... thank you for replying to me, I'll check out that book. I am now worrying that I have disorganised schizophrenia, I cannot think or order my thoughts sometimes I cannot register or "catch" a word anyone is saying to me or in general.


Hi there,

....or it could just be that sometimes our minds do actually 'play tricks on us' the old saying goes. There are times when I just can't do some things I would like to do... just because I can't get my thoughts 'together' enough to concentrate on it... and that is usually because I am too preoccupied with something else in order to concentrate... There really IS such a thing as having a temporary 'glitch' of sorts and then, given time, it simply passes. Just take good care, good luck, and thanks for replying to me, too! :)

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I don't mean to keep bothering you, I'm sorry if I am, but, I constantly have this concentration problem, 24/7, ever since I was a child. I don't know if this is just hypochondria or if it really is schizophrenia. I'm scared that my thoughts are getting stranger and stranger. Last night I had the idea that I am starting to believe these strange thoughts/ideas and I had a small/brief panic attack and I said to my father, I believe someone has poisoned me. I couldn't believe I said that. I asked my mother if she heard or is hearing any voices, she said that she hears God speaking to her audibly, I don't believe in God, I'm an atheist. I also asked her does she ever hear the devil, I asked this because if she thinks she also hears the devil she may be hearing some abusive voices which is a key symptom of psychosis where the sufferer will hear abusive voices directed at them. She said that she has sometimes and that he calls her names and swears at her. She also said that she actually seen Jesus and his heavenly host, I asked her if she believed it was and she was totally convinced that it was. My grandmother also said that she seen her door handles moving and candle holders moving on their own. I'm scared that my family has a history of psychosis. I'm from Ireland and usually Irish people like to keep things inside and not talk about their problems, my mother never talks about her voices and she isn't that open. I can't express fully the hell I've been going through.


Hi soon as I get around to it, I will private message you... hope that is ok. I promise it will all be positive! :) Now you take good care (that's an order! :) )



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