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What next

Hi everyone, where do I start I just dobt know , at the beginning I suppose. Let's rewind to Jan 2014 suddenly stared palpitations thought was gonna pass out really scared me so trip to docs diagnosed overactive thyroid , insomnia bit earing stressed out anxiety through roof . Was put in strong medication thete wee highs and lows of that, 4 months later started to feel more calmer been given Diazpan had best nite sleep I had in over 6 months ,continued yo suffer really bad anxiety health anxiety got worse never went in antidepressants , stuck it all out. Was in remission October 2014 top of works are better , slept better fekt better I could face the world then Jan 2015 came down wirh cold flu chesty cough sinus infection was bad until May just managed to get better in time for holiday , few days before my holiday started with funny ear pain , went to docs no infection must be dental however anxiety started to rear it's head dic gave me some sleep aids off on hols fab time came back 3 weeks later wam anxiety bad , not sleeping jaw ache nerve pain had infection in gum 4 weeks in pain antibiotics then finally gone still not sleeping then last Friday woke wirh jaw gum pain 10 times worse, it was coming up my monthly cycle coyld it be related I wonder ,i feel sick not slept much I pray to sleep 8 hours of undisturbed sleep. I am.working g more hours stressed more than usual ,but thinking maybe lack g in something so must get bloods done my doc, plus got dentist app specialist clinic cos i need sedating to get a few teeth out hopefully its those causing the probkem but cant pin point it meanwhile trying sime home therapy spending most time in pj's. Not sure what to do next just want yo be pain free. That's my sum in next few months must get a week off soon binkynoo x

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