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Feeling fatigue all the time and nausea

Hey guys, I am 19 and I’ve been worried about this for a while.

For a year or so I’ve been feeling like this on-and-off. I usually wake up really tired (like I haven’t slept at all, though I have slept for 8 or more hours), and it doesn’t really go away during the day. Mornings are the worst. I also have loss of appetite and I feel nauseous all the time, like I can’t keep anything down.

A lot of digestive problems as well, but mostly the fatigue is what’s bothering me.

I’ve also had some weight loss - though I’ve always been skinny for my build, this is getting excessive. Sometimes I lose something like 3kg in 1 week.

It’s exhausting and overwhelming.

I’ve been tested and my blood sugar levels are usually fine. My father has diabetes and my mother has systemic lupus, so I’m constantly freaking out, worried I am developing one of them, but test results come back fine.

I’ve had my thyroid checked as well, and it’s okay.

I felt so bad during the summer, like I couldn’t rest at all, and I felt anxious and hopeless all the time. Even broke up with my boyfriend, partly because it could actually be my body’s way of telling me I was unhappy, but it hasn’t gone away - though some of the anxiety has.

I’ve been through a lot this year, family issues and so, but it only hit me about 3 months ago.

I’ve had this feeling before, but never as strong as this.

Sometimes I just feel like I’m going to collapse, and everyday seems more overwhelming.

Can you guys help? Is there something you recognize?


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I'm 19 too and get these overwhelming feeling gs of exhaustion. My head feels funny and I just feel over all "wrong" or "off". It makes me feel trapped in my own body. Not fun. Hope you figure it out, I'm still working on it. Might just be the stress catching up with us and always checking to see how we feel


Exactly! It feels heavy, right? Like if you move your arms or legs you have to make extra effort. Its horrible. But at least I’m not the only one, that made me feel a bit better :) thanks!

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Gastroparisis is slow emptying of the stomach and can cause nausea that comes and goes. The symptoms are different for each person depending on where you are in the illness.

Non fat diet and no fiber is only way to get rid of symptoms if that is problem. Any fiber or more than a few grams of fat at a time will cause sick stomach.

See Dr for best long term advice as these restrictions in diet need to be monitored closely and liquid vitamins and minerals are necessary.


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