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Cold Making Me Scared

So I have a cold. Phlegm and all that. Went to take a nap, and woke up disoriented. Which freaked me out. And my mom is still out of town so I keep worrying this will turn serious and stuff. I am really congested, so is this normal when you're conjested?

I keep thinking like, and this sounds ridiculous, like my brain is swelling. My brother had this and didnt need to go on antibiotics (he has insomnia, so he does not sleep much).

Is this serious? Because I keep being told its normal and to just take it easy, but i did not feel like this yesterday.

I didnt sleep as well, if that make much of a difference. I have not had a cold like this in years which is why I am getting scared. Ive never had this with anxiety so this normal?

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Go to the doctor and get checked, no matter if you think its anxiety do it ..


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