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You no all no about this blue dot I see and my eyes

I was just wondering could it be my eyes sensitive to light because I have noticed when it's dark and I go into a bright room it's a lot worse I see the dot and experience it more and more my eyes have started to hurt now like dull as well and my floaters are still bad I think I am haveing a mental breakdown I am under a lot of stress just want be normal am so scared

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You. Seem really concerned about your eyes as with you other posts. I replied to you the other day. You've been to an optician and trust me if he saw something wrong he would have referred you straight away. I'm guessing your terrified of going blind. I've had my spot years and when my optician told me he could see nothing a cluster of floaters he told me. It takes your eyes a while to adjust from dark to light everyone gets it and vice versa, your eyes will adjust themselves try not to panick and try to stop concentrating on your dot and floaters don't play about with them thats what's giving you eye pain too much concentrating. I no longer whittle about my dot or floaters, I also have yellowing and blue veins around my whites its normal, mine aren't white as white, I felt when my eyes hurt or the floaters were bad id wear a pair of sunglasses for a while till I relaxed a bit and yes in the house too. I do feel for you and know your fear. But getting over anxious will only make your symptoms worse, anxiety causes blurred vision floaters halo's ect. Try to look beyond the floaters n spot its a beautiful world out there and were blessed to be able to see it. I'm here anytime you need to talk. Take care sunshine. Xx mandy


Thank you so much will take this on board hope I can get passed it and move on with my life x

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