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Bad Timing

Okay, so a few days ago, my family got a new puppy.

It wasnt a surprise since my dad had been looking for one specific type and bought him. Adorable, fun, great, sweet puppy and I....


I had no idea why. I felt crappy the day we got him and every time I had to watch him, Id feel anxious. I used to go into puppy shops all the time just to see puppies, I love puppies!

Anyway, my mom is going out of town which doubly stresses me out and for the grand ol kicker, I got a cold.

So, like, what the heck? I was excited about getting another dog, but then I started feeling really panicky for some reason and like....maybe it's the change? Naming him.....just naming him....freaking soaredy anxiety levels through the floor. I feel like all tomes pf inconvenience converged on this week. I was having nightmares I couldnt recall, and fell into like post natal depression.

And now I am panicking over having a cold, having my mom not here

And a puppy.

Feedback please!

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At the end of your post I think you hit the nail on the head and answered your own question as to why your anxiety is high. everything is happening at once and that's what's shaken you? You said you don't find it easy when your mum goes away. Secondly your not well, some people do panick when they don't feel well.

somethimes it can all get a bit too much. I hope you enjoy the puppy and you feel better soon


Hey hey love that puppy could quite possibly be your best friend in the whole world embrace him, dogs can have some very healing properties when I feel anxious and I'm on my own in the house my little fluffy bundles are always there so your not alone, give him her a cuddle talk to him. Feel the warmth and love he sends you. You'll be amazed. He needs you try to focus on him instead of anxiety. I wish you and your new little friend well. Xxx


Hi I agree with the above love the puppy.

I understand everything can happen at once and then it all gets too much. Dont force your self to involved in choosing a name if you dont want to be, take your time the puppy wont get offend it will just want to get to know you. Do what is comfortable for you. maybe getting the puppy at the same time as your mum going away has made your anxiety a bit worse this time round.

When your ready spend time with the puppy, if ihe/she is allowed to go on walks then take him/her for a walk, excerise helps when were anxious and its a good bonding thing to do with a dog.

I hope you feel better about it today. lily


oh i replied twice sorry!


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