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Constant weak mind and body , sweaty body , penis feels like it's burning and damp , anxiety?? Had enough of this constant ruining my life

Hi...I've had this feeling in my body/mind for 3 years now's, I get this tingly numb sensation In the lower parts o8f my body around the penis and a feeling of numbness it gets worse everyday my body overheats to the point where I'm wet through , I feel like everyday is a hassle I've had so many tests I've been to the urology department for over a year they found nothing, as I'm writing this my body and palms and heads are warm to the point of sweat , I feel like this is holding my life back , I hardly go out anymore par from work the problem is controlling my every day life it's like everyday I go through the same horrible routine , I just feel everyday is a struggle , I want my normal self back !!! When my mind is thinking one thing and trying to not think of it my body is doing the other , constantly fighting against me! I just feel helpless at 21 years old I just cant deal with it doesn't seem to get better but a lot worse! I've found this site through typing my symptoms into Google and thought I may be able to talk with people who can relate to how I feel . Thanks

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Sorry to read that you have been having a tough time.. Have you tried taking walks and using esential oils? I stopped eating many processed foods and sugary drinks or any sugar for that matter.. It has helped so much.. Don't give up!!


Sounds to me like you need to change your ?GP !!!

You need to see the right consultant.

Make an appointment to see a different doctor, maybe somebody with years of experience.

Have you looked up your symptoms online ? The ?NHS site is a good one and doesn't try to get you to buy products.

Good luck.

You need a hug...


I'm so sorry to hear what is happening to you. Good advise from previous writer..change your flipping doctor. I use to get terrible soaking wet sweats when my thyroid was extremely over-active. Anxiety can make you have lots of weird sensations, know this from experience. I ask my Doctor to refer me to I.A.P.T. a while back, I have finished the therapy now and found my therapist extremely helpful. You can self refer also. Please don't despair first step..change that Doctor and please consider the cognitive therapy offered by I.A.P.T

All the best to you.


Thanks for the replys, I've been to see specialists had lots of different tests , recently I have spoke with the depression and anxiety team and arranged over the phone sessions , I just feels like I'm hitting my head against the wall like the doctors think there's nothing there when really this is killing me inside its hard to put into words how I feel all the time my body and lower parts feel different throughout the day it seems to get worse as the day goes on! My diet doesn't consist of much sugary or processed food , I have looked up the symptoms and it seems like it could be severe anxiety or nerve damage , when I'm at work it's always there when I go to the shop for a butty my body just seems to sweat and that knocks my day badly. I seem to get butterfkys a lot also and constantly over thinking everything and worrying about life.


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