Pain that travels?

Well this is not the first time I am asking this question, and certainly not the last time. But I just keep freaking out everytime I have a pain in my arm that travels upward. Usualy in my left arm. People say it is a symptom of hear attack, but I have had a good check up done. Including an angiography and 2d echo. Everything came back normal, and the doctors said it was some kind of syndrom which made no sense to me at all, and was too complicated a word for to remember. But in all they said, I ain't getting a heart attack. I have a healthy heart.

I wanna know if anxiety an cause this and if anyone is going through this.

I experience the pain as I type this, but its in my right hand now. I also feel a little more anxiety hit from the past two days. Also to describe the pain, it feels on the skin, but I can detect it's exact location.

Any input would be appreciated. I just don't wanna take helo of DR.goodle in any case, BEEN THERE, DONE THAT, ended up scaring my ass out.


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  • Since you have gone to doctor and he has determined your heart is healthy, you should believe him. When you focus too much on every physical feeling you have, you will always be freaking out. Ignore them as much as you can . Some of these are fixable by you. Every symptom is not about anxiety. If you didn't have anxiety and got headache, you would take aspirin, if you got heartburn, you would take Zantac, if you arm seems sore, maybe you did something like lift heavy object or carried I bags of groceries, if your arm or other part of body falls sleep and is tingly, you may have sit for awhile in wrong position. These feelings are normal feelings of life. Exercise, eating healthy, drinking water and getting enough sleep at night are things to do to make sure you keep your body and heart healthy. The heart is very strong and can handle a lot . Don't focus on every twing and ache especially since they go away. Keep active so you don't have so much time to think about every feeling you have. Right now my neck hurts but I know it's because of the way I hold my head when I text. Good luck and I hope I put some of your fears to rest.

  • Thank you so much for the reply. That's all I needed. And your reply was more than JUST reply. Thanks man, I understand now. But I have another question? This visit to the doctor was about 4 months ago, I have quit smoking ever since. What are the odds that i might get a heart disease. I am Gym junkie, I run and work out. But diet is not my cup of tea.

    Any input on this would be appreciated.


  • Since you quit smoking, your heart is healthier and usually someone withheart problems have standing appts with cardiologust for every 6 months or yearly. If Dr did not give you appt for later checkup then you don't need to worry. When you have yearly physicals, they will check it again. That's just routine exam. But if you want to keep heart healthy, seriously, eat healthy. Kudos to you for quitting smoking and exercising, this keeps your heart healthy. Relax, you are doing good.

  • Your reply means a lot :)

    Well yes, it is good to quit.

    Thanks for engaging. I hope I do good


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