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What a day

Hello all,

So after 5 days of hell I decided to go to hospital in hopes of relief. They put me in psych ward which was honestly extremely scary and overwhelming. The fact that their were so many ppl with such desterbing behavior made me feel worse and thoughts run wild like I was like them. Dr stated I am not and does not believe I am a harm (which I know I am not but my thoughts show otherwise). Was put on .5 Kolonipin so hopefully this helps any words of encouragement are greatly appreciated feel I have a long road ahead. I am honestly fearing if I have thoughts now I'm on meds does that make them real

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Klonopin has helped me with my panic, but not with my obsession about worrying/stress.


How do you cope w thoughts?


Many people have been where you are and lead a happy life now.

Rest and allow time to heal.GBx

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