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Constant Chest Pain

I have this constant chest pains, tingling and shortness of breath and they're not going away on their own when they should (I mean hey, when living my life). They make me feel like something's wrong with my heart and I can't stop thinking about it, when I watch something I forget about it and feel none of these but when I'm not watching something or distracting myself, my mind's always think something's wrong with me and bad things gonna happen. Normally I act reasonably but this thing also affects my daily life and plans. Do I have to fear all the time? I don't smoke, drink etc. I resort natural remedies and they help me but only for a while, this thing isn't going anywhere permanently! What can you suggest me? It's really wasting my life.

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Yes i had that something will happen to me at that moment but the roll out heart disease because i got lot of tests on the heart ecg ekg stress test and 24 hour heart monito so nothing wrong really...just take deep breaths and take a walk outside...


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