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Anxiety were does it come from

Hi people iam 56 years old and have suffered for 25 years most of the time I cope well ,I work part time which is all I can cope with ,iam on medication and afraid to change it to something newer ,I live alone my son has moved out ,,I hate feeling depressed as I think people don't understand it makes me very tired too but don't sleep,,everything is scarey iam going to be a nanny soon which iam excited about but even scared of that ..I think I inhertited it from my mother as she suffers too ,I joined this group to mayb talk to people that understand , x

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Hi tigglypoo I sympathise with you I suffer with depression and copd but I know people who have very bad anxiety and I see them struggling with their feelings I'm sure you will have support from people on this site good luck xx


hi their your never on your own on this site there are many people that will make friends with you take care speak with you again kindest regards bigalan


I'm so sorry you are feeling bad. You say you are on medication and still feel depressed. You need to talk to your doctor about this. Maybe he will change your medication or dosage. Antidepressants should make you feel better. Give yourself a pat on the back for being able to work part-time. Since you live alone now, be sure to seek out family and friends for companionship. Being alone gives you too much time to think. Congratulations on your becoming a nanny. You have a lot to look forward to. Please do see your doctor. He is there to help you. New meds may be the answer

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Thanks for your support folks x


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