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Anxiety is pants

Hi everyone, I like a lot of you know how it feels to be in this state of anxiety,but we can come through this a stronger person for it, I recomend a book called AT LAST A LIFE BY PAUL DAVID,,,I often mention this book on this site as it helps me so much ,this guy went through this stuff for a long time so he knows what he,s talking about,also go talk to someone,ie a councillor it really helps its confidential and helps you realise your not going mad ,we are none of us bonkers its just a tired mind and by trying too hard to get past anxiety we are actually putting more presure on ourselfs except it ,take it with you when you go to work ,shops for a walk ,are we all going to let a tired mind take over our lifes ,I am trying something that I think helps it called bieng the watcher ,if you can inagine watching yourself in our anxious state then your really taking yourself out of the equasion which takes the presure away from you ,you can also imagine your thoughts floating past you any way you can imagine them in your own mind for me I try to see tgem go over my shoulder ,in time we get to gradually get controll back ,good luck to us all we will by helping each other get past this,and I would love more people to post thier stories on how they have came through anxiety ,☺😊😀😁

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I am pleased you found a book that has really helped you get through your anxiety and it is good to share certain things what have helped as it may just be useful to someone else

I think a for a lot of people they may be still struggling with their anxiety so may not feel up to sharing and for some when they have managed to control there anxiety they no longer seem to come on or as often so maybe why a shortage of replies to your request

For me I think I would rather not say that I am for a better word cured , better maybe but with anxiety you never no when it may come back and bite you on the bum as we say , so what ever I have found I am doing that is working I keep doing it unless I find it is no longer working and then I will look at what I need to change , usually it will be something I should not be doing or I have let things slipped and stopped doing what I should be doing and mainly that is keeping my thinking in control and not letting it slip back into it's old ways which it often wants to do

Not sure if this is the reply you wanted or if it is f any use but you no someone has read your post and I wish you all the best :-) x


Yes I totally understand why people dont post thier progress on the site its hard to remind yourself were you have been I know from experiance ,I hope though any tips that people may have that they feel have worked for them can be passed on ,this anxiety puts so much fear on people its by helping each other we can all find our way out of this crap ,good luck to you


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