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Brain Injury or Anxiety?

I'm probably just worrying about nothing but I wanted to ask people's thoughts. About a month or 2 ago I hit my head, it hurt a lot but I didn't pass out, vomit or anything like that. However, since then every now and then I will get the thought of what if I've caused damaged and not realised? I read somewhere that symptoms can take weeks sometimes months to show of a brain injury? Well since I have bad anxiety I get a lot of physical symptoms daily and I'm just thinking what if I'm mistaking a brain injury for anxiety? I had head pressure which has since gone, I'm tired a lot although I do have an under active thyroid, and the latest symptom is heaviness/weakness on the left side of my body, left arm, left leg and sometimes the leg side of my face feels strange. I believe these symptoms come and go, I'm pretty sure they do but I feel like I keep telling myself that they don't come and go and that they're always there? I've read that from a brain injury you can sleep a lot, be disoriented and have feelings of anxiety. Well I have felt that before I even hit my head so am I just looking over it? I'm probably overreacting but I would love to hear your thoughts. My family say I'm fine and it's just anxiety but I can't help thinking what if it's not?

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