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Could use some encouragement

Good evening,

Have been dealing with OCD Intrusive thoughts over last 3 day have talked to many people and read sites as to rid myself of the anxiety. I feel I am being compulsive posting here and not sure how to make this better. I understand my fears and thoughts r just that and have no regard to who I am but how do others respond to scary intrusive thoughts. Am waiting to meet with a psychiatrist to see if mess r needed but that may take 2 weeks and the last 3 days have been an roller coaster ride and may not be able to wait that long any suggestions?

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While waiting to see your psychiatrist, maybe you can see your regular doctor to see what he suggests to help you relax. You can explain to him all you are going through and that you are going to get counseling. Also, maybe you can get an appt sooner with your physciatrist, if you explain how badly you are feeling.


Mine were so bad I had to take anti depressants . It was like a living nightmare. You have to tell yourself they are thoughts not real. What helped me as well was Claire Weekes books you can still get them on Amazon. She explained you have try not to push them away ,the more you try the worse they get. Her message was float through them.. However |I don,t think I could have coped without the meds. Go back to your GP.


I've had ocd for 25 years its a chemical imbalance in the brain it doesn't connect to tell us we've done somethin right only wrong and repeat the process untill it connects. I'm a counter I could give carol vordaman a run for her money. I've learn to cope with them. Humourously I bin 2 rituals ever Sunday. Sunday why your probably asking I dunno lol ? But it works its something I've trained my brain to do and nothing happens. Others jump in as well new ones its the time consuming ones that I get rid of each week been doing I for years and I'm still here. I believe its my inner child telling me to repeatedly do things, aomedays I tell her to piss off lol some days I do as she says. I was doing over 100 rituals a day now I'm down to just a few. Hope this helps. Oh and my phsyc said if you think your going mad you never will I've embrased Tha quote were not mad were just special ones, and when god threw ua down to earth he forgot the crash helmet and we knocked a few wires loose thats all I have a very dry sence of humour in not taking the piss out of the illness, I would rather make you laugh its scary stuff but you will learn to cope. I promise you when you've seen your phsyc they'll put perspective on it and you'll understand more about. It, I'm 49 now had I for 25 years hope my humour hasn't offended you deffo not my intention its the way I cope with mine. Take care love and try not to worry too much were normal xxx Mandy I'm here anytime you need to talk.


Feel compassion for yourself no matter what. Even the psychiatrist cannot give you that. Love yourself even with the OCD. Forgive yourself and let in the idea that God has a plan for you and is holding in HIs hand all the time. Have faith and courage. They go hand in hand. OCD is a form of fear. Imagine or feel the tiniest speck of God's love and compsssion. There IS a plan.


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