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Help me and advice

I have had anxiety and stores soon 2-3 years now last year after cbt I felt good then this year I relapsed .. And bad :( I can't control myself or my body. My Dr has prescribed me Citaloptam 10mg I'm

Scared to take I have a serious phobia of vomit. I don't leave house no more. Please tell me what these pills did for you I'm in UK and 27 yr old

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Symptoms are shaking, hot n cold. Feeling sick, diareah, abdominal pain, not going out house, can't control my bladder you name it I got it :( in so low


These pills take the edge of things they just make you.more relaxed I couldn't take them had bad side effects they say it gets worst before it gets better give them a try I hate taking tabs but if you need them.try c how you get off I'm trying to fight with nothing the phiscal sensations are worst hope you get well.soon as you are so young if you ever need someone il be here


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