Constant hyperventilation :(

I really feel bothered now. Its been 4 months, I'm always sent to the hospital because of hyperventilation/anxiety. I doesn't feel right. I'm always gasping for air. Im always having hyperventilation attacks 2 times a week. Then, I think maybe something's wrong inside. My chest always feels heavy, not only because of the numb-feeling I feel whenever I have an attack but its just different. It feels like my insides are being clutched. The doctor keeps on telling me, its anxiety. Then he made me take a pill and said it was for anxiety. The next day, I feel weak and I can't feel my joints and muscles or bones etc. I'm scared. Really scared of what could be happening in me. And, one more thing. My neck and throat always hurt. So when I went to the pharmacy to get some vitamins. The pharmacist told me to squat then put my hands upfront and ordered me to stay calm, she noticed my hands were shaking(not intentionally) ,she told me to rush to the hospital to have an ENT(ear,nose,throat) doctor and have a check up because most people who have shakey hands have thyroid goiter. But unfortunately, we don't have the resources, so I had to go back to school as if nothing happened. :( please someone answer me if constant hyperventilation, Sharkey hands, dizziness, weak body is normal or not :(


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  • Hi I constantly have feeling of not being able to get enough air and like a choking my neck yes it is Scarry but you will have to read up on it there's a book called self help for nerves it will help you alot I can't take the tablets so if ideal bad I come on this site there alot of people that's going through the same thing as you its just all anxiety it's your mind playing tricks on you keep telling yourself it's only your anxiety keep yourself buzy and take deep breaths. Hold for 7 and let it out slow your breathing down I hope you feel better soon

  • Symptoms like that are not uncommon with anxiety, dizziness and feeling like you have trouble breathing are one of the most common ones. Still it is good to get a doctors opinion about it and possibly take some bloodwork just to be sure.

  • Very common symptoms for anxiety. Please don't ask the pharmacist for advice. They are not doctors.

    Look for triggers tthat make your symptoms worse. Focus on your breathing. Sounds like you need some regular counseling to get to the bottom of this. Everything sounds normal to me. I've been there before.

  • Thank you for your advice :) tho. Is there any way that hyperventilation can lead to asthma?

  • Please don't google and see what the doctors say. Google will always make you feel worse I promise

  • You are not alone. I battle all these symptoms and more on a daily basis. I have battled anxiety for over 10 years now. I have had so many different symptoms that I never imagined could be caused by anxiety. I have tried over 10 different meds. Some have worked and some havent. I have dizziness throught out the day and muscle weakness as well. I have had so many different test run but they all come back normal. Every day is a struggle. I hope you feel better soon.

  • Always worth getting the Thyroid checked, an overacitve thyroid can induce anxiety and panic attacks in some. A simple blood test can tell you. I hope you get some answers.

  • Your GP is the one to organize tests for any problems with this complaint.

    If He says it is an anxiety problem there is a way to control your breathing.

    If you have a paper bag breath into it with deep breaths that sometimes controls the problem. If this does not work, you should make that telephone call

    Of course this will not replace the advise or tests that the GP will give, and the above technique will only be done as a temporary treatment. I am not a GP and I always bend towards their expertise. Everyone on here will always try and give you support

    Good Luck


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