Anxiety or something serious?

It started a couple months ago I had went to the doctors because I had fatigue and they gave me antibiotics for sinus infection but it still didn't go away so I got a blood test and the doctor said it came back more than good and then it still didn't go away so I went online and looked up a bunch of stuff and it got me very scared and then a couple of weeks ago I went to the doctors because my throat felt like it was tight and it still does today but the doctor didn't find anything and took another blood test that came back good and I went to the urgent care the other day because I still feel the same and I have a little difficult swallowing and I asked him to check my lymph node under my chin because I'm convinced I have cancer but he said that they aren't even close to big enough to have cancer and not worried about that and gave me a card to see someone so I can get a anti depression and I can't get it off my mind I've been stressed out for months straight over this I have extreme anxiety I can't stop thinking about it no matter what and I also started to experience diarrhea today!Everyone is telling me it's just anxiety and depression but I still can't believe that it's that causing it ! Does anyone know what it could be ? Anxiety or something serious


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  • Hi there I am sorry you feel soo bad, it probably is anxiety that is causing all those symptoms, you could go to a health shop and try something natural for it, if that doesn't give you belief I would see someone about a mild anxiety tablet and see how yo go. You could look up the Internet and learn how to cop with anxiety. Remember every " emotion is proceeded by a Houghton" so,when the thought enters into your mind about your health say out load or in your head "STOP" the think of something positive. Wishing you well.

  • Sorry that was supposed to say thought.

  • I have several swollen lymph nodes on my neck, I even got a blood test done and everything came back great they said. She diagnosed me with general lymph something (it's a long word) but she said it could takes months to go down, she had me feel a spot in her neck and she also had a swollen lymph node, she said it had been there for 25 years. She told me not to worry, but to come back if they have grown over 2 cm. I have two lymph nodes that bother me the most, one under my chin and the other on the left side of my neck. Sometimes it feels like I'm having trouble swolling, but throughout the day it seems to get better. She told me it was virul, but I have learned that some infections need antibitoics, so I would maybe bring that up. They refuse to give to me and I don't understand why because it doesn't hurt to try....

    Good luck!! Hope this helps.

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