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I Am Freaking Out

Okay so last night I went to bed feeling fine, but then I woke up about a few hours later feeling achy and chilled. No sore throat. No other discomfort. I went swimming in a lake a couple days ago and wondered if I contacted something, but I looked that up and I don't have the symptoms. I'm getting really scared it's something bad. I had a very stressful weekend as well. Usually aspirin would help but it's not doing anything. My joints, specifically wrist and knee, feel especially achy. I have no headache, no runny nose, no sore throat. I've got fatigue but I didn't sleep well because I was panicking from five am to about nine. I also had a very stressful dream where I ended up feeling this way in it. Now I'm concerned the cabin we stayed at had something, but everything is cleaned there including the sheets. I'm very good about washing my hands, too.

Can anxiety do ANYTHING like this? (I've had anxiety do some very weird things.)

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My 2 kids have had the stomach flu the last 3 days and yesterday I got it and don't you think a normal person would know it's the same flu I was worried all day that something was seriously wrong with me and today I feel much better. I think we anxiety sufferers tend to think the worst about any discomfort. I am sure you are fine it may be due to anxiety you may have slept funny or maybe you did something to hurt your wrist and knee and the effects of it have come up in the morning.

Try to let it be (I know it's hard) wait it out a few days if it doesn't get better see your doctor but I am sure it is fine :)


It's not the stomach kind, it's the cold kind. Feeling achy, tired, minimal appetite (but I'm still hungry). I get concerned it will develop into something more sinister. I have a fear of being sick, so that's why I panic.


Anxiety can do so many things its unbelievable well as for me I have been so anxious the last few months I am scared. I told my psychiatrist about how bad its become, I really don't want to get into it but my son has been staying with me for a year and tortured me every time I see him and never stops. Also I lost my Mother in December my father in May and my love one who I been with for 15 years in June and my 2 uncles in between my parents. Well I am so lost and empty without them . So I don't have any idea what will help me. I just went to Doctor an have ammonia plorocey and binocular asthma and it probably came from my nervous. So nervous can do all sorts of things. Bye Donna


YES! Anxiety can can do it. It is very tricky! You need to give a little time just to make sure however. We often react quickly, make an assumption, and then freak out from the assumption. I have had the reaction many times. If there is deep seated fear, it natural to do this and not to criticize yourself for doing it. The key is waiting for awhile and see what happens. You will gain more clarity that way.


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