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Hello all,

First I just want to say that over the past 2 years mine has gotten progressively worse😔. I can truly relate to so much you all Re saying

- night time ( feeling like your not breathing)

Had heart weakness feeling.

Left arm goes numb

Head will go numb

I get tingling and burning sensations in my head!!

These feelings when I'm driving sometimes make me afraid to even leave or do things alone-that's what it's gotten to.

My body will go weak!! So weak I force myself to pace so that I know I'm not paralyzed! Like I'm sinking or dead weight.


Heartburn/acid reflux

Tight feeling in my throat!! Like tense

I mean, I have been to the ER panicking like I was having heart attacks or strokes and this has been collectively happening around 25 -I'm now 27.

The worse part about it is that I am aware that I have a problem with my anxiety or panic- but in the midst of the attack, my body is releasing hormones telling you SEEK HELP YOUR DYING! Which is a reactor from your parasympathetic nervous system.

Would not wish these symptoms on anyone- I still struggle!! But I go to docs for things to get checked and everything always comes up fine.

But I get so angry because I am NOT fine when this constantly happens.

The problem is a growing problem with tons of people. It's because our bodies are NOT functioning properly - the reason being is because our foods are not clean anymore. All of this Genetically modified Junk we eat pollutes our bodies and causes chaos over time within our daily functions.

I do notice that eating cleaner and working out helps to alleviate or cut back on the occurrences. But all in all- eating organic over a period of time helps clean out the body and reduces these episodes. Unfortunately that's a little tough to do economically. Unfortunately these feels are your bodies ways of telling you that you need to get the trash out of your body.

These foods we eat ( even if we think they are healthy) are not! Because they are so full of toxic materials - unless certified organic. ( and even then you gotta wonder)

Well, I hope that this helps some people feel a little better.

Iv done the "I'm dying" countdown for a while now, and I'm still here! Thank God!

Prayers for all of you who suffer with these things. It's NOT easy and it's Really hard when no one else understands.

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I agree! I really want to start eating cleaner this is on my to do list


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