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Good evening,

First time posting. Let me start with I am in a very anxious part of my life just turned 30 am a father of two and have had many changes have a stressful job and dealing w my spouse who is switching jobs!

I have been dealing w HA for about 2 months now it started one day in a meeting for work when I brought in a new client typically I am good w/ that stuff but as I was called out in meeting I started feeling light headed and then nervous I was going to pass out. Ended up going to an emergi clinic and my BP was higher then it should and high heart rate. After 30 mins or so it went back down.

2 weeks later I started having a fear I had colon cancer due to changes of frequency I got over that and started experiencing dizzy symptoms in the middle of the work day or after I drank coffee. Then in another big meeting started feeling extremely dizzy again to point I was in fear of passing out or I had a brain bleed or in process of having a stroke. Went to dr said I was fine. Now recently I get dizzy spells at work and very slight headaches I also have tightness in my sinus area as well as the back of my neck. Sometimes the side of my face feels numb (although i do grind teeth when anxious and ha led to tmj) my psych says it seems it is all in my head but is this dizziness symptom really anxiety or should I be concerned

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Are you on any new meds ? Watch caffeine intake and be sure you eat on time.

You should have blood sugar checked, could be your dropping to low.


I do sympathise with you, I have been in a situation years back of having a stressful job, I ended up changing my career but I know that is not always possible. Stress can trigger numerous symptoms, some which you have described. With two young children, your wife working etc I do know what you are having to contend with, I strongly advise some time on your own (if this is possible) doing something you find pleasure in. If you keep getting anxious you must employ deep breathing techniques, I would also advise you get your BP checked by a doctor. We all lead such busy lives, never stopping until we go to bed, sometimes our bodies cannot cope. My stress got so bad at one stage I could hardly breath when I entered the building I worked in. Get help now so you can control it. Anything I can help you with I will do Helen 😊😊


Dizziness is definitely a symptom of stress and anxiety. I've dealt with it for a long time and it is very scary. And, believe me, you and I are not the only ones that experience it. Since this is somewhat "new" for you, you have not had the time to find ways to cope when it happens. The fact that you have seen a physician more than once and "they" have said there is nothing wrong is a great place to start. You took the steps to eliminate physical problems. Now you have to place your trust in what they tell you. That can be very hard. You keep having symptoms and a cycle of fear just takes over. Please keep in mind that everything you have mentioned - fast heart rate, higher than normal blood pressure, dizziness etc are all symptoms of panic attacks and anxiety. Your physician can give you medication that will help. From what you've said, there is change in your life ... and life changes can be very difficult. Take a few moments to research breathing techniques and ways to distract yourself when the symptoms happen. You are at work but you are safe. Nothing is going to happen to you ... you will be ok. I can almost completely assure you that if you did not say a word to anyone they would not know that you were experiencing issues. I find it somewhat reassuring to simply go into the rest room and look at myself. Yep, there I am and I look fine ... so what is going on? I am stressing over something. Understanding anxiety is your greatest weapon against it. Keep posting, ask questions; the people on this forum understand and can offer support and ideas for coping. It says a lot that you found the courage to post and ask for guidance. So many people with this problem hide ... you are not doing that. My best to you.

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Sounds A Lot like me. Job, kids, stress, crazy symptoms that lead you to believe something is seriously wrong. The dizziness freaked me out more than anything. Didnt want to pass out at work. Many specialists later I am on the path to recovery. You mention the tension in your neck, and it may even give you headaches in the back of your head. Check into your neck and back tension. Anxiety and stress builds there over time, and can cause a variety of physical and neurological symptoms. Have your wife, or someone really dig into your traps and shoulders with a massage. If it hurts, keep doing it. Look up trigger point therapy related to dizziness. And work on the anxiety at the same time with music, reading, etc. Its physical and mental. Take care of them both. Get the tension out of your neck and shoulders though. Helped me a ton. It may help you


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