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Is this anxiety?

So ive gone about three weeks without contacts and I finally got in my order and it was like HD. I started to feel visually overwhelmed like hugely and began feeling lightheaded after a few hours. Ive never had a problem with contacts but O went a really long time without them and just got them adjusted to be clearer.

Does that sound like anxiety? With them out, i feel calmer and not as dizzy.

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Could be your eyes have not adjusted yo them yet and the symptoms make you feel unseasy causing anxiety. This happens to me a lot. When something makes me feel uncomfortable I immediately begin to panic and get overwhelmed with anxiety.


yes! I experience this when I wear different glasses or if I wear contacts verses glasses... sometimes even certain lighting in a room sets off my vision and makes everything around me seem like too much to handle or too bright like I want to wear sunglasses or close my eyes.. its super messed up ive posted about vision stuff before... I hate it its super weird makes you feel more off balanced than usual. not sure what causes this one.


I have exactly this!!!! Thought I was the only one!! my eye sight causes alot of my anxiety ... its super crap isnt it?!!!! xxxx


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