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Digestion Issues?

Hello, everyone. In the period of time that I have been dealing with anxiety it seems that I also have been dealing with a lot of digestive issues. I was diagnosed with acid reflux, and I don't know if it is getting better or not. I occasionally get slight heartburn after eating, or after long periods of not eating. I also notice that there seems to be a lot of saliva in my mouth after eating certain things. I was just wondering, what kind of digestive issues have you guys faced with anxiety? Reassurance from this site has helped me lots, and I would love some input on this topic as well!

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I suffered with dreadful acid re-flux for years , even had the camera down & was told at the time I made to much acid & they felt mostly it was due to been so anxious as when we are we tend not to digest our food as well

I went on meds for it for a few years from the Doctor but after a while I did not no if they were working as well , so I came of them

I watched what I ate , as certain foods can make mine worse , took a while of keeping a dairy working out which they were but was worth it , then I also started taking a teaspoon of Manuka Honey 10+ 1 to 3 teaspoons a day and everything was great for at least 3 years but this last month or so it has flared all up again

I went back on the medication the Doctor gave me last time and have started watching what I eat again , it is most important to not miss meals , but eating small meals & regular helps and not eating maybe after 7 in an evening is always advised when you suffer with this

I do take Gaviscon as well which helps & they do say Coconut water that you can but from any Supermarket is good for the digestive system as well as good for you in other ways to , a little expensive but if it helps and you are suffering I think anything is worth a try

Take Care x

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