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How to go to school with anxiety?

Hi. Long story short i have been struggling with anxiety till last year. I skipped so much in school, and i'd very often come back home because of my terrible symptoms. Finally, summer break came and i thought ill get better. But I actually got worse, to the point I cannot step outside these symptoms are just scary. I can't handle this anymore. I live in a small country, we do not have therapists there. My family just doesn't think its that serious. Last year as i said, i could barely go to school . School is starting in exactlya month . My teacher knew about this, understood me, and sent me home whenever i didn't feel well, which was very often and i am still embarassed because im the only one who skips school so often. But nobody understands me. Why don't my family support me? Sometimes they would even say that i am faking the symptoms. Why would I be? They think I want to live like this? No, I'd absolutely give anything to go back to my normal self. So yeah, my point was how to make school less of a struggle? How do I go to school after 3 months of not leaving the house? What do I do about these symptoms that absolutely nothing helps. I really CANNOT go to school.. I don't have the energy i just feel like staying at home until one day i wake up and everything is okay again.

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Hi Que, Sorry to hear that.. And Don't worry you are not alone in this world with these symptoms, Me and many are with you. And this is for sure you will recover.

The beauty of anxiety is that when other people look at you, you look very normal to them, and in real you are normal but these are the only your inner thoughts which are stopping you from going school.

Que, hope you can ride bicycle. Remember the first day you started to learn bicycle. you were afraid of falling down, but if you gave up and stop learning bicycle then you cannot learn, and if you didn't care about falling and if you continued learning then riding bicycle is nothing. That is it. Now balancing bicycle on two wheels is not an issue. Just like that If your thoughts say do not go to school you wont feel good, by any means go to school then after sometime these voices from your mind will go off. And you will enjoy going school. These are only the inner voices which stops you going out of home.

My prayers are with you, soon you will recover, and yes remember recovery is not an over night process is a slow process, you must have patience. Hope this helps much..



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Hi Que, have you seen a Dr? Are you on any meds at the moment sounds to me as if you've been having a rough time with your anxiety and your family undertaking you .. Let me reassure you that you are not alone on this we are all here for you we all understand you and can relate to you in many ways but it is important to not stop living your life I know it's hard for you to understand how am I suppose to live life with all this symptoms the key is not to feed Into this symptoms and beging to leant to live them I know it's hard but I've been doing it everyday yes it's a struggle for me as I wake up I have many symptoms and sometimes don't wanna get up and so much of anything but I tell myself this is my life and nothing will hold me back and I try to go outside or keep myself busy I mean sometimes I'm lightheaded so I go outside and take some air prob won't walk much but I try I don't fight it try to eat healthier drink plenty of water in no Doctor but I do believe the human body can heal itself in many ways ... Take vitamin supplements omega 3,B-12,D-3 .. Stay away from coffee and anything that has too much sugar only natural stuff a cup of apple juice wouldn't hurt once. A day .. Read, walk a lil even if it's for five minutes, .. Always consult with your Dr. Write down all your symptoms and if your not on any meds then I would recommend a natural pill called calms forte the company name is Hylands inc. they will help you relax my ex girlfriend takes it and she says it helps a lot .. Hopefully it can help you out cvs,GNC, and other pharmacy's carry it there not so expensive... Hope this can help and remember we are always here if anything ... Pray do lots of praying and let God take control leave it in his hands and Believe and have faith that you will overcome this ask him for strength ... You will be ok this won't last fo we've the same way t came it will also pass .. Take good care and May God Blesa You ... I will keep you in my prayers along with the many of us that are still struggling everyday ... Keep your head up ... Best of lucks keeps posted you can always message me ...


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