Hi, I have being experiencing a different me for the last 5 months. Panic attacks, aniexty which has taken my confidence and changed my personality. I wake with the feeling of fear even when u have no plans for that day, it's so hard to block the thoughts 😞. I use to enjoy regular holidays, shopping, socialising, driving, working etc,. None of which I can do now. As soon as my eyes open it all starts


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  • You have said word for word exactly what I go through every day ,the anxiety wakes me up before I'v even opened my eyes the pain, fear, and being TERRIFED starts, I have to force myself out the bed, some days I can't even get washed (why ) I can't answer Its like I freeze from doing things ( how embrasssing ) I just can't deal with this any more the feelings are to strong for me, and the fear of facing the future it to much, I can't get through the next hour. Please help

  • Since I have been on medication I am getting stronger I just have to take it day by day. Am using a app called headspace in the mornings which is helping me. I did have weeks of paralizing fear and couldn't be left alone and couldn't stop the tears (for no reason) but I had to face it and slowly my mind blocked the fear of being alone, I just can't master how to block the thoughts each morning and with every passing hour, it's draining talking to yourself constantly

  • Please can you contact me I m going through exactly the same as you and need your help

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