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Hi I have just found this site and feel slightly "normal" amongst you guys. I have suffered terribly with anxiety. on all different pills but still when an attack hits i trully feel this is the big one...Anyone else out there feel like that? Dr says breathe thru it. how can i breathe when i feel like my heart is about to pop at any moment and all parts of my body ache then my mind goes wild until am in such a state the only thing that eases it is sleeping pills, yes they help but with a young child who needs his mum i cant spend my life half asleep just to rid these gremlins that are telling me am off to heaven in a painful way! Can someone out there relate to me any advice would be greatly appreciated xx

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Hello Theresa

To be normal I suppose, means we are just as mad as everyone else. So when you put it that way what does that make us ?.

The Docter basically was tying to make you relax. What to do is sit in a comfortable chair breathing slow, feel your body in the chair your hands on the arms and your feet flat upon the floor.

Now feel your spine supporting your head and neck push your neck into the back of the chair your spine likewise. Feel your bottom on the seat of the seat and your thighs and knees resting into the nose of the seat feel your feet resting on the floor then loosen up those joints and tendons, close your eyes keeping your breath slow and regular. Stay like that for as long as it takes



sorry I didnt mean to offend anyone I was trying to say i dont feel as mad now that i have found this site and there are people in similar situations. I trully thought it was just me. I really am sorry if i offended anyone. Thank you for that Bob will try that in few minutes see if it helps relax me although ave now taken my night sleeping pill and feel a bit more relaxed. maybe i should do it in the morning when I am at my worst? Will it help? x



You have not upset me I am sitting here with Pax our dog who has been rolling in Fox a nice smell for a Saturday evening

Hope you are feeling better



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