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Hi everyone.

So Sunday night I stayed at my boyfriends and had a panic attack from 12 till 4.30. Well 4.30 is when I finally fell asleep. My boyfriend asked why didn't I wake him. The answer being I can't rely on him all the time, I've got to no that I can do it on my own.

Problem now is I've had the feeling of panicking since Sunday! I've made a plan for each day and only managed to do a few things off my plan. Only simple things ie have a shower, tidy up, go for a walk. I don't no if it's my head wanting to do things and my body stopping me or the other way round. I've spoken to my mum a bit about how I am feeling and she thinks I should go to the doctors and they may be able to give me some medication! I'm finding it difficult to understand that the doctor may say I have depression or some other mental health problem. My boyfriend and I have treated today like a ps game. Everything on my list is a level on the game. First one was get dressed - completed go for a short walk - completed (that was a very hard level) make and have dinner - completed. I'm now struggle with the fact that I've got to have a shower! A shower the most simplest of task and I know I'll feel better after it, just my heart stats raceing just thinking about it!

I feel stupid for feeling like this and I've put a face on for a number of months maybe even years, but right now I can no longer put a face on. I am struggling, but unsure of what I'm struggling with, life? Health? I don't no. All I know is I'm sick of feeling like I can't cope with every day task. This is not what I want my life to be like.

Task shower - in progress


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Your Mother has given you good advice. See your GP. Make a list of the problems you are suffering from and explain from your List.

Good Luck



Hi Nic, sorry to hear that your going through this I know the feeling I am also going through something similar it all started four months ago I was walking home after I parked my car and I got really lightheaded and was about to faint my heart started racing and I got a bit of chest pressure and tightness thought I was having a heart attack went to the ER and a EKG Stress test Echo and other test were done all came back good nothing to worry about blood work the same etc etc ... I was sent home and said to come back if anything got worst a week pass by I was sleeping and something woke me up I started feeling tightness on my chest and my heart was racing blood pressure was high and I was panicking my first panic attack on April 25th I still remember lucky my uncle was visiting from PR and he told me to relax its just an anxiety attack he gave me tea chamomile to help calm me down days went by and I was having this crazy upper abdominal pressure with chest discomfort and shortness of breath wasn't getting enough sleep So I ended up back at the ER another Echo chest X-ray blood work all came back good they gave me ibuprofen for the pain saying it's the muscles to follow up with my Dr and Cardiologist and keep them up to date which it did ... So Fast forward in time til March 25th I was told after going 24x to the ER in less then 2montha it was anxiety related .. I ended up going to a psych ward ER whee they treated my symptoms with a 1mg of Klonopin after that I saw the lights at the end of the tunnel everything went away the ER Doc prescribed me 10pill of clonazepam 1mg to take on a need to take basis and he also prescribe me Citalopram for Everyday use idk how much milligrams .. So fine I go home in happy that I've found my solution right ? Well guess what mope it didn't the ten pills were gone the Citalopram wasn't helping at all my anxiety got worst and I was having withdraws from the clonazepam no Dr wanna prescribe it cause it's addicting and the withdraws are really bad I don't blame them it's true but that's the only pill that seem to have helped me with all my symptoms and I only took ten to thirteen pills on a 1 1/2 course I wasn't taking notes the Citalopram cause it made me worst so I stopped it went to see my Psychiatrist which the ER made me the appointment as a walk in for the following 4 days after and she wanted to prescribe me Lexapro but after the negative on Citalopram I didn't want and asked if she can start me off on a low dose of Buspar which my unle from PR takes he said its much safer and the withdraw aren't as bad so that's exactly what I did I was put on 10mg twice a day but I didn't listen to her I cut my 10mg into 5mg for the first week to see how it felt and make sure my body would get used to the effects first week so good lightheadedness and I found it a bit hard to shower at first before starting the med I would think about it same thing you was feeling I was feeling the meds eventually kicked in now gojnbt on two months of Buspar and my psych changed my med she no longer wants me to take Buspar and wants me on Lexapro saying it's not helping me out cause I'm still having physical anxiety symptoms and that Buspar wasn't doing much I just got off the phone with her I wanted to stay on Buspar and just up up the dose to maybe 15mg twice a day but to be honest Buspar takes the anxiety feeling away but not the physical symptoms at my dose I prob needed something higher for my physical .. All I can say is to hang on my days are so/so or not so good a good day I haven't seen in months since thwy didn't wanna give me Klonopin on a need to take basis but I understand them and they should also understand it's my life and that Lexapro also has withdraws but who am I to argue with the Dr.. So go see a Psychiatrist and if your only suffering from anxiety and no physical symptoms of it try out Buspar see what they say I personally don't think I'm gonna have the Lexapro so I'm stuck now might have to ride this out cold turkey if I end up at the ER i will let them know why ... Best of luck and hope to hear back from you hope this helps you out ... See your Dr make sure all is well first clear your up your mind but anxiety isn't easy it manifest itself it many different ways you never thought it could ... I'm it trying to scared you so sorry just giving you a heads up ... Drink chamomile tea try Valerian root I'm no Doctor and you should go see a doctor first the vaelrian is natural they also have calm pills GNC sells them do not take both only one or the other and see if they work for you .. As for me I'm already to deep to get into anything else but I'm seeing a Kineoligist she is also a Chiroprator she gave me natural pills yesterday was my first day taking them hope it all works out ...


I feel exactly the same as you with exactly the same symptoms it's horrendous I have sever depression and server anxiety and it sounds like you have depression to me, you must go tell your GP as soon as possible hoe you feel so they can get you the right support and medication don't be afraid to take medication if you need it take it, I believe in medication !!! You make sure you go tell your GP before it gets any worse, but your doing the right thing trying to do things I know how hard it is I struggle with exactly the same as you and I battle to get a shower/ bath, and deal with daily tasks, most days impossible, I just have to get up and go out, were ?????? Anywere but stay in. Let me know how your feeling tommorow


Sandraann21 hello. Sorry I've not got back to any one for awhile. Erm yea I've been doing alright lately. Started feeling lot confident and much more calmer. I've started to write everything down about how I'm feeling so it's all out and that seems to help. I've STILL not been to see my doctor, I'm so worried. Plus I'm not sure I can take medication as I need a new kidney (just to add to it all haha) I can still feel it flare up but I tell it to bugger off and it does haha. Hope you are feeling good x


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