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Hi has anybody who suffered anxiety and got proper help no how to get rid of physical feelings from anxiety the way you get a feeling of not being able to breath afraid of staying home alone chocking hearth palpation and all the rest that goes with that crazy thing called anxiety anyone's comments would be great till I try get rid of this fear and physical effects


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  • Same here any tips ul help lol I hate the feeling sick and dizzy and jelly legs and the spence of doom like ur just guns drop its a recurring circle if there's an exit to this round about give me the direction please

  • I've had all of these too):

  • I'm feeling atm hun heart and chest feels like their gunny burst .... 😢 try n take your mind off of it ... do your nails r tan suhin fun x

  • I have had all the physical feelings you have and they started 4 years ago. I have worked hard to work through my anxiety. Remember, these are just feelings and we have to retrain our mind. I have worked through my feelings by taking long walks when feeling anxious (You can do any exercise but i walk), I have changed my diet to eat healthy, and I get involved in an activity so i dont focus on my feelings (clean house, work in yard, cook, bake or get involved in hobby ), talk to friends and family about whatever but not anxiety . The idea is to not focus on your anxiety. It's real hard at first but it gets easier as time goes by. You will be surprised that since you are active, you forget about how you are feeling. Make sure you get plenty of sleep, drink water and eat. Sometimes when i start feeling anxious, I will eat a healthy snack like almonds, pumpkin seeds, grapes or drink a cup of 100 percent cocoa. Keep your sugar level even and don't just drink water when you get thirsty, drink sips all day. If you get thirsty, it means you are dehydrated and that can cause anxiety. Activities help you not focus so much on feelings and being healthy helps your body. I have come a long way and today I feel 90 percent better. Anxiety is part of life and we will always have to deal with it. I also journal and when i read what I was feeling before and what i feel now, I have come a long way. Be strong and push through. I always start my day by saying I BELIEVE today will be a better day than yesterday and repeat it often during day when i feel stressed. Good luck. Hope I helped . Anxiety makes us feel bad but we need to take away its power.

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