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Anxiety. Help me!

Okay this might me a long one. Hi my name is Kayla and I just turned 14 about a month ago. However, I've been struggling with anxiety since May 27th 2013 so a little over two years. As difficult as it is to deal with anxiety at my age, I'm doing it alone. I have yet to meet someone with the same problems as me because I'm severely emetaphobic. (Afraid of anything that pertains to vomit). And this makes it worse because my worst symptom is nausea. I've never met anyone else with this problem so I still don't quite get it 100%. Whenever I start to feel nauseous, I freak out because I don't know if I'm hungry, anxious, or actually sick. Somebody please help me, I'm desperate for answers.

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Hi kaylaraeee3,

I am a fellow anxiety sufferer and also a student nurse. I am in the process of setting up a self help website and soon to be charity that will hopefully help people like us who need a bit of relief, someone to talk to whenever they feel unhappy, anxious, upset, depressed or anything else.

It's dedicated specifically to depression and anxiety sufferers and will provide buddy's, mentors and advocates that people can talk to in a variety of ways instead of speaking to doctors, family, friends; give you a chance to speak about your worries or issues without any judgement or time limits.

I've also added an online forum, online chat and group discussion option as well as a send it away box - a chance to get all your feelings down without the judgement from anyone.

The pages are still in provisional planning stages but it may help a lot of you - as it's been designed from the research I've carried out on fellow sufferers. Please take a look and share it around - let's end this suffering in silence, thank you.


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