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Health anxiety

Hi Ive been suffering with health anxiety since December. Although I've had thoughts its been every serious illness possible and been to the Dr who tells me its health anxiety despite doing no tests what so ever to prove me wrong.

I've just changes Gp as i've been having bowel issues for a few weeks now but they've got worse the last two weeks. Urge to go toilet, change in stools loose or diarrhea. The rational side of me is saying bug, IBS or the fact I've been comfort eating for weeks now as nausea and lack of appetite have meant I've just eaten whatever I could.

Has anyone else had this, Gp has asked for a stool sample tomorrow.

HA is taking over my life again, been having low level CBT but asked for more intense CBT as its effecting my home life and me enjoying time with my little children. I first had CBT 5 years ago and it worked amazingly with no anxiety flare up for nearly 5 years. Just don't know what's caused it this time

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Hi it's good that the doc wants a stool sample but I've experienced this too with my anexity one min it can be ok then the next boosh !!!!

Glad that you're getting Cbt and you will get there again try not to worry too much n concentrate on ur kids mine have helped me loads

Chin up 😀


Thank you. I do try but at night when they're in bed that's when my mind goes into over drive. Can't wait to start my CBT you've done so well. I think when I can identify what's causing my anxiety I'll be able to deal with it a bit better x


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