Bad Dreams (Nightmares)

Is there medication to stop you from dreaming or to not talk in your sleep?

I have really disturbing thoughts in my head so i can't sleep for ages unless I stay up and watch a movie alnight or I have to think of something in the past, i Really do not want to remember but it stops the thougths that shouldnt be there and i eventually (after hours later) fall asleep but i have nightmarse and they wake me up early hours in the morning hour after hour. Im exhausted and need help

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  • Basically, you do not want to stop dreaming... our dreams work as 'pressure cookers' that help to safely release many of the pent up emotions we have inside of us... they are necessary, If we remember them or not. But goodness know, I can understand why you want to get rid of incessant nightmares!

    I know that some people have had quite a bit of success by listening to some meditation cd's/tapes, or other kinds of Hemi Sync or Brain Sync tapes that address anxiety and help to calm the mind. You could Google those sites and see what you think about it... Good luck to you!

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