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Really upset

I have trouble sleeping at night. It's mostly during the night that I am anxietied I have no idea why. I lie down and wake up after an hour of disturbed sleep with a panic attack. It's terrible. And all through the night I keep feeling my bones are sticking out my skin and my feet go numb along with my tongue. I cant relax and sleep or lie down. And when i wake up I'm all disoriented and exhausted and empty. Idk how to feel okay anymore.

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Sorry to see you posted 4 days ago & have no replies , so I just thought I would let you know someone has read your post & I hope eventually you may get some more helpful replies to :-)

Sleeping patterns for a lot of anxiety sufferers can be very difficult and the more we feel anxious about them the worse they seem to get

Maybe when you wake up you could go downstairs make a drink , do some breathing exercises for 10 minutes telling yourself this is anxiety & as awful as it feels it won't harm you till you are ready to try sleeping again

Have you been & spoken to your Doctor they maybe able to discuss other things that may help :-)

Take Care x


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