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Good and bad

So yesterday was a good day I might even say GREAT day went out to lunch with my boyfriend even laughed for the first time in what felt like forever!! Yes it was still in the back of my mind that my heart will stop at any point and that be it for me still can't write the word scares the 💩 right out off me 🙈 so to day woke up feeling not bad done my house work washing and even had a sing song to myself but now am sitting on the sofa with that fear to move because if I move my heart will stop feel like I should be testing it and getting up and doing something but that fear that hits you and just makes you freeze its like I am not panicking but should be so worried am not panicking so trying to make my self panic if you no what I mean!! Here goes time to get showered and get out in the sun not often do we get the sun in Scotland ☀️

Happy Monday all 🌺

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I know what you mean when I'm not worried I feel worried about why I'm not worried and sometimes I start worrying that it'll come back and then it does. It's all on the mind..

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It is all in the mind ppl think we can control our mind when really it controls us.. But hopefully will learn to change the way I think



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