Understanding the mind

In my opinion Mental turmoil can be likened to a skyscraper.

On the top floor...turmoil

In the basement....calm ( where the Buddhist monks live..lol)

The top floor can be scary(don't worry you might never reach it). Paranoi, fear, distorted thought,physical trauma....

But as you manage to calm down a little and move down a floor these thoughts can not come with you...they only live on that floor....

The more you learn not to react,and accept things as they are at this moment...the more you will calm down...the more you leave fear behind.....

The further down the floors you go, the more your thoughts will return to normal....

If you react to something you might go back up a floor!...but this will pass.

You are only feeling and reacting the way you are because you are living high up in this building.

Leave these thoughts behind you when you move down towards ground level, they cannot live further down, you will leave them behind....

They might come to mind occasionally but don,t react to them and they will pass.

Blessings on your journey.x


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