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Be ok for couple days then boom just want to cry

So I walk to the shopping centre to get soon food and I just felt realy sick and kept feeling my heart rate for sum reason and looking for a pulse got ear pressure legs like jelly and my thoughts through my mind are just oh no am going to die am going to faint I hate this also my eyes go worse and am already so scared about them I'm only 22 and feel like my life is ruined literally like no hope also getting flutters

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Hello John

Have you made that Doctors appointment yet ?

You see you have good days but the bad days get you in such a state that you really need some help as like you say you are only 22 which is very young so you don't want to be like this and think about your Daughter as she gets older she may start picking up on this and you would not want that , so please make that appointment

Now you are a young man and all young man need or most need lot's of feeding up , so were you hungry or had you eaten because it sounds like you had a low sugar level drop which does feel very similar to a panic attack when you have one and it usually happens when we have skipped meals or maybe had something that was high in sugar and as that wears of our sugar level drops quick giving us these feelings

I used to get it a lot and I would always have something like a Mars bar on me so if I felt one coming on & would eat that it would stop it happening

I or any of us can keep reassuring you and are happy to do so , but John you need to make that appointment , go on what have you to loose but if you get an understanding Doctor you could have everything to gain :-)

Hope you are feeling a little better now :-) x


Thanks for ur reply no I havnt I rung them for a cream I needed and put the fine down its mostly my eyes I worry about if they wer fine I wudnt worry half as much x


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