Mr anxiety back to control

Hv been fine for a few days now Mr anxiety is back to control me terrible sensations again like not get enough air and suffocating. Some days I can control it but today is really bad again does anyone know how to get rid of these feelings god bless you all who suffer like thirties terrible u feel as if your going to lose control anyone's help would be grateful

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  • I'm.there have good days and then the bad days come back with a's very difficult they say exercise avoid caffeine and incorporate a healthier diet...but when your body chemicals are off and your feeling weak, like you can't breathe and dizzy its hard too...

  • Thanks for your reply if I'd the energy I'd exercise I'm afraid even to go out with this breathing sensation it sometimes get to much I do hv my little one with me and do think if anything happens me shes only young what would've do veryvclose to me hope you feel well soon and thanks again

  • Today was my daughters birthday party and I felt horrible all day leading up to it but when I started to get ready for it and get the kids ready and during the party even after it and still right now I have been fine as I was completely distracted, so does that mean it really is anxiety? I'm so confused by this anxiety illness...

    I hope you start to feel better again soon.

  • They say anxiety is all in your mind...which it is but it causes physical symptoms.. I've been there where I felt horrible but once distracted I was feeling ok..its a tricky creature and will have you thinking your going crazy..YOU ARENT...its just a matter of finding what works for you..which seems to be the hardest part

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