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Feel I have no control

I wonder if any one has the same issue as me. Atleast 1 week a month I get exhausted by 8pm and no matter how hard I force myself to stay awake I can't.

It actually gets to a point where I don't feel like I have control of my own body as it feels like the battery is literally runny flat and u am about to shut down completely. Like not breathing, etc.

I sleep DEAD for 6 hours,then lie awake from 3am.

It puts a major strain on my marriage.

I do suffer from anxiety and I am on meds for high bp.

Any help would be appreciated.

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When we have anxiety we tend to run on our adrenaline

Our bodies only have about a teaspoon in them at a time and for someone without anxiety this lasts them forever & as they are using a little their bodies have time to make some more

But when we have anxiety we tend to use it up all at once so our bodies do not have time to keep topping it up and this is when we can feel like we have run out of battery power as you say :-D

It takes so much out of us to build it back up again and this is why you could be possibly feeling once a month you just feel so tired

Have you been checked out for low iron etc ?

As long as you are healthy in every other way then I would imagine it could be something like this happening but try to go with it rather than fight it as if you fight it you just use more adrenaline and then you will feel even more exhausted

Take Care x


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