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why is it just when you feel on top something Knicks you off without warning?!😥

I have been quiet for a while as I have been in a happy and settled place but BANG it's gone! I have just had an amazing holiday and have never felt so happy, my relationship is improving, as is my positivity but the reality of being home is now beating me! The last two days have felt tough and now I have just had to see my mother (one of the main causes of anxiety), add this to the other factors and I am on self destruct! I feel so down and the intrusive thoughts are so loud. I just think I'm ok and improving but arrraaggghhhh I am not! Panic attacks are back! I am so fed up of this. Had enough, I don't want to do this anymore.

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I know your post is 9 days old and there is no replies which I am sorry to see but I thought I would ask how you are feeling now ?

I think it is always a come down when we have been on Holiday and have to come back down to reality when we get home again but by now that feeling may have passed

You mentioned your Mum , not sure exactly what kind of relationship you have with her obviously not as good as it should be , I had a very rocky relationship with my Dad and often he would cut deep with some things he would say to me , it was very hard but I had to learn that it was his opinion and I struggled and yes it would still hurt but I learnt to just let go and tell myself he was the one with the problem and not me and I could change how I reacted but I would never change him and I never did , he is no longer here but even near the end he said something that cut deep & I thought oh no I would have thought you would have given it a miss at this stage but he didn't and that was how he was but I hope deep down he may have loved me and I am sure whatever your Mum is like that deep down she does to even though she may not be able to change the way she is

Anyway I hope life is treating you well and you are feeling a lot better than when you wrote this post :-)

Take Care x


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