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So I went to a&e the other day

So here me on Wednesday started with one of my dreadful Headaches so I plucked up ther courage to go to accident N emergency because I thought they would do a ct scan or something N living with these headaches now for 14 week is a lot to take in when they are so server

Well I wasted my time N there time as soon as a mentioned anexity N they checked all my vitals out make sure I coukd move my arms N legs etc

Also the traiage nurse said my pupils were dilated at a number 5

But the doc never said anything

Felt a little stupid when I came out but honestly thought they would do something more my gp has reffered me to nereolgy but there no appts at present time

I did post this I think the other day but not sure if my phone worked or not

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I went to the dr today because of pains and weird sensations in my head. I was so hoping they would look in to this for me but it has been put down to the anxiety. I so want to be free of it!


They just look at you don't they like we are mad or hypercondracts !!! I think gps should be more caring but they armt n it personally makes my blood boil thinking how inconsiderate some gp actually are !!!


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